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Want to send texts and make calls from Facebook?

Want to send texts and make calls from Facebook?
Tim Green


Development / December 1st 2011 at 12:22PM

Ouch, operators. New tyntec service can give any web service their own virtual numbers.

The infrastructure giant has just rolled out its tt.One package in the UK and Germany.

tt.One gives businesses the tools to put telco services – voice, SMS and mobile numbers – into online services, apps, social networks, blogs and more. 

For consumers, this means multiple numbers and IDs can be consolidated into one number.

This is a logical but ambitious move by tyntec, which has a long history in powering enterprise-based SMS. It connects its platform to multiple operators to enable any web service to add a phone number to apps or web services using the IP environment.

The tech takes the multiple voice and SMS standards used by operators and re-formats them for one uniform service.

In a way, this has the potential to be a revolutionary act as far as operators are concerned.

Over the years, they have watched as IM and VoIP have nibbled away at their core revenues from text and voice.

This launch, and others like it (see our Twilio story from last month) threaten to hand ownership of an individual's telco identity away from the operator and into the hands of an 'OTT' firm like Google or Facebook by letting users call friends from a social media tag or email address.

Of course, a data connection is still needed to access these services from phone (so there's revenue there for the telcos) - but there's a real risk of losing ownership of the customer's loyalty.

tyntec’s tt.One solution is already being used by US text messaging giant Pinger, whose free text app for iPod touch, iPhone, iPad and Android handles over 1.6 billion SMS messages a month.

Michael Kowalzik, CEO of tyntec, said, “With the rise of VoIP, social networks and messaging apps, there is clear trend towards internet telephony coupled with the desire to be able to use these simply and reliably across different platforms and devices whilst on the move.

"tt.One is a flexible solution that is aimed at this exciting new marketplace in which business opportunities for internet companies, enterprises and operators are developing on a daily basis.”

tyntec plans to offer its solution throughout Europe and North America during the course of 2012, including but not limited to Italy, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Finland, USA and Canada.