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Sybase 365 teams with Urban Airship

Sybase 365 teams with Urban Airship
Tim Green


Development / April 25th 2012 at 2:38PM

To enable in-app push notifications to enterprise users.

Urban Airship is a pioneer in the notifications space, helping developers and brands to send alerts from inside apps that drive usages and downloads.

It will now equip Sybase 365 with developer tools and resources to help corporate customers - including its 900 carrier customers and OEM partners - to integrate push messaging into their apps.

Sybase 365 clients will also get an online dashboard to create and analyse messages.

The deal is another interesting indication of the evolution in telco services for two key reasons.

First, it reflects the extent to which messaging is evolving beyond SMS. A company like Sybase grew to its current significant size on the back of  SMS based push messaging and alerts, and now it's evolving into a new flavour of messaging, and thereby giving customers an alternative to text.

Second, the deal indicates the 'consumerisation' of the enterprise. Businesses are finding that their employees are using their own apps at work and are responding by either co-opting them or by developing their own enterprise apps that fit with the workers' communications habits.

Urban Airship has delivered over 19bn push notifications, while Sybase 365 delivers 1.8 billion SMS and MMS messages a day.