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MWC 2012: Synchronica wants to supercharge RCS

MWC 2012: Synchronica wants to supercharge RCS
Tim Green


Development / February 29th 2012 at 8:33AM

Launches 'pay as you grow' solution to help operators launch rich messaging services in 12 to 16 weeks.

RCS is the tech standard that operators are collectively working on, which adds all sorts of rich functionality to the address book.

But it's been very slow progress, and there are still no full commercial roll-outs.

This has left the door open to OTT predators like Facebook and WhatsApp to move into the messaging space and cannibalise core operator revenues.

Infrastructure makers reckon they can help by providing a ready made RCS solution. Which is what Synchronica has done with this launch, based on technology from it sew partner NewPace.

By using Synchronica's hosted RCS service, operators can avoid the need to implement their own IMS core network.

The offering also allows groups of operators in one country to benefit from a joined up RCS experience, irrespective of whether they have all deployed an IMS core.

This launch is another reminder that the 'establishment' is still determined to make RCS work. Indeed, earlier this week GSMA unveiled a new consumer-facing brand identity for RCS named joyn.

"Synchronica's RCS as a Service provides mobile operators with a unique opportunity to cost-effectively change the way we use our mobile phones," explains Kim Hartlev, Chief Technical Officer at Synchronica.

"With our solution, operators don¹t need to invest in an IMS core, and from our global data centres, they can rapidly introduce their service within 12 to 16 weeks."

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