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MWC 2012: Infogin re-visits transcoding

MWC 2012: Infogin re-visits transcoding
Tim Green


Development / February 28th 2012 at 9:07AM

Smartphone Web Optimizer service turns 'real' web pages into mobile-friendly ones on the fly.

Some years ago, there was a huge row when Vodafone and others started to transcode full web sites for users accessing them from a phone.

The idea was to make browsing more pleasant and intuitive, but developers were furious when the system began messing about with sites that had been purpose built for the mobile web.

That all died down in the end, but the issue is still pressing given the number of site owners that still make no attempt to cater for mobile visitors.

Infogin's own research suggests 64 per cent of mobile web traffic is not optimised for smartphones.

This means that smartphones may only display website content in what is called "classic PC-view", forcing users to zoom in and out, double tap to focus on a specific area or move the web page right and left.

InfoGin was always a cooperative participant in the transcoding space (developers praised its supportive approach) and now it has unveiled Smartphone Web-Optimizer, which is targeted at publishers, advertisers, website owners, yellow pages, search providers and carriers.

It says the system can save 30 per cent on data in addition to a more intuitive experience.

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