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InMobi claims new IAB ad formats prompt tenfold spike to interactions

InMobi claims new IAB ad formats prompt tenfold spike to interactions
Zen Terrelonge


Development / Location / September 23rd 2013 at 2:00PM

InMobi's rich media-enabled SmartAds react to user behaviour, location and even the weather.

At the 2013 Advertising Week in New York, mobile ad network InMobi has introduced InMobi Smart Ads, which are described as 'personalised ads that boost brand engagement metrics'.

The company claims SmartAds have generated up to ten times higher interaction rate, three times higher install rates and more than three times the conversion rate of regular ads.

Additionally, SmartAds support rich media, such as film times, sports scores and live stock prices, and can be triggered based on user specifics like location and weather. For example, SmartAds can push ads for a coffee chain on a cold day or display offers for nearby stores.

In June, the Interactive Advertising Bureau approved the 'Mobile Rising Stars' format, which allows use of larger ad sizes on handsets, and InMobi's new designs have launched in conjunction.

Preetham V.V., GM and product head of brand business, InMobi, said: "Mobile industry innovation is ten times faster than what we have seen in the desktop world. We continue to innovate to help brands engage consumers in a far deeper, more personalised way through cutting-edge ad formats that are supported by our award winning creative services teams.

"By supporting IAB Mobile Rising Stars ad formats across all our platforms, including InMobi Studio, we continue to provide one of the best monetisation opportunities available for our publishers."

Joe Laszlo, senior director, IAB Mobile Centre, said: "Given its expansive reach and the prominence of its rich-media authoring platform, InMobi’s commitment to standards will help accelerate adoption of the new IAB Mobile Rising Stars ad formats on phones and tablets. Advertisers understand that personalising consumer experiences matter the most when it comes to increasing brand engagement, and ads that can deliver the right content, to the right person, at the right time, in a beautiful format, will be the most effective."