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Foursquare makes its brand Pages self-service

Foursquare makes its brand Pages self-service
Stuart Dredge


Development / Location / August 3rd 2011 at 12:04PM

Hoping to open them up beyond the 3,000 businesses who already have a presence.

Social location service Foursquare has announced that its Pages feature is now self-service for any brand, organisation or publication that wants a presence on the service.

The startup has been working with the likes of MTV, Intel, New York Times and NASA to create their Pages on Foursquare in the last 18 months, with around 3,000 Pages created so far.

Now it's being opened up to everyone. Why would a brand or company want a Foursquare Page? It lets them publish tips, check-ins and photos, while also having a team of people manage the Page. And, of course, the aim is to get Foursquare users to follow the brand, as another way to connect with people through social media.

The news comes as Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley revealed that Foursquare users are now checking in three million times every day. The service has 10 million registered users, while 500,000 venues have signed up to manage their profiles.