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App of the Day: YPlan

App of the Day: YPlan
Daniel Gumble


Development / iOS / March 1st 2013 at 4:26PM

Mobile-only event booking app hits 100K users in London.

YPlan, the world’s first mobile-only event booking app, has amassed 100,000 active customers in London since its launch in November 2012, accounting for six per cent of London’s iPhone users.

The iOS app has now become something of a ‘go-to’ service for Londoners looking to book the best events available for that night only.

98 per cent of YPlan users have stated that they will be sure to use the app to book events in the future. Furthermore, 87 per cent of this number claimed that they would have not originally attended such events prior to discovering them on the app.

The app works by allowing Londoners to book and go to the best events on any given night in just two taps, selecting from a carefully curated list of up to ten events available for that night and that night only.

Founder and CTO Viktoras Jucikas, commented: "YPlan’s vertical growth is an indication not only of the calibre of events listed, but also our customer's propensity to share their experience with friends. To put YPlan in the context of other phenomenal technology companies, our Net Promoter Score (the industry’s most authoritative measure of customer loyalty) at 64 per cent is higher than Twitter, Facebook and even Google."

Meanwhile, YPlan has recently announced plans to launch an Android version of the app in the first half of 2013.

YPlan promoter Playhard, said: YPlan has become a brilliant addition to the way we as a business operate. It offers us another avenue to target an audience who are willing to try new experiences. Our events that have featured on YPlan have generated ticket sales and awareness to an entirely new audience who may never have come otherwise.

“The interface on the YPlan app is easy to use, fun and provides fast access to the best London has to offer. YPlan has been an excellent channel for us to sell last minute tickets and we think has definitely enhanced the industry.”

London venue Roxy Bar and Screen, also added: “Working with YPlan has really opened our eyes to the potential of collaborating with app partners.  We’ve used various online promotions before but they’ve never been very successful at all, however with YPlan we’re almost always selling out our allocation of offers, ensuring full houses for a variety of screenings.

“We’ve also seen a number of people who’ve discovered us through YPlan signing up to our elist and joining as members, so in terms of reaching a wider audience, YPlan has been invaluable, not to mention very easy and quick to work with.”

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