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App Of The Day: Elite Collection

App Of The Day: Elite Collection
Zen Terrelonge


Development / iOS / October 21st 2011 at 3:24PM

12 eight-bit games complete with in-app shop for iOS.

UK-based games developer Elite Systems created the app, which features 12 bundled eight-bit home computer games and an in-app 'shop'.

The bundled games will come from the US, the UK and Germany while games from the in-app shop will be sourced globally.

The app provides games from the 1980s and 90s and the firm hopes the selection will appeal to fans of retro play.

Steve Wilcox, Elite MD, said: "Whilst we will continue also to launch stand-alone iOS apps we believe the ‘Elite Collection’ and ‘Elite Collection HD’ iOS Apps will be of greatest interest to ‘retro fans’, since ALL of the 8-bit home computer games we sign will be bundled or will be available from the in-app shop."

Initially the games available for purchase from the in-app shop are expected to number around a dozen but to rise to more than 100 over time.

The Elite Collection and Elite Collection HD apps are expected to receive a launch at the end of October.