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itsmy launches 'play anywhere' cloud gaming

itsmy launches 'play anywhere' cloud gaming
Tim Green


Development / HTML 5 / March 14th 2012 at 10:17AM

New platform means gamers can play on any device from any location without any downloads.

itsmy began life as a mobile social network, but has redirected its activity into social gaming as the market has evolved.

Last September, it switched its entire games catalogue over to HTML5.

Its latest wheeze is an HTML5 platform that offers developers a new distribution channel, the itsmy Game Cloud, that bypasses native app stores.

It is now in beta testing and is planned to go live in early summer 2012.

Various business models under review, including daily/weekly/monthly subs, all-you-can-play access, pay-per-game and also game category bundles e.g. casual titles or classic titles.

Whatever they choose, gamers just pay once and then play the same game on all their devices.

Of course, browser-based gaming is a kind of cloud gaming, but where this service differs is that play is not conducted through a browser but from an hybrid app. This means the system can support more advanced features such as playlist, friends and achievements.

Antonio Vince Staybl, itsmy's CEO, said: "The itsmy Game Cloud is finally a way to sell HTML5 games directly to the consumer and to bypass app stores. Together with our partners we have now the absolute control to monetise and distribute the games, interact with gamers and scale the game cloud.”