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FunMobility launches cross-platform chat and gaming app

FunMobility launches cross-platform chat and gaming app
Tim Green


Development / HTML 5 / June 20th 2011 at 1:39PM

HTML5 engine means games can be played between iOS and Android clients and browsers.

FunMobility claims FunChat is a world first, and it's certainly launching into a hot space, with social gaming firms like OpenFeint, Scoreloop and ncmoco all the subjects of big money acquisition deals.

The app also incorporates a virtual currency, rewards, and achievements component called FunGold, and a 'pranking engine' where users can push pranks such as fart noises to others even if the phone is in standby mode and FunChat isn't running.

Chatting and texting in FunChat are free, and top chatters and gamers earn achievements to unlock virtual prizes that enhance their chat and play experiences.

“A key ingredient to the ‘secret sauce’ behind FunChat lies in our HTML5 multiplayer game engine that enables high-quality games to be played concurrently between native iOS and Android clients and browsers,” stated Adam Lavine, CEO of FunMobility.

“This proprietary game engine is part of our extensible FunChat Mobile Engagement Platform which allows developers to easily make open-standard HTML5 games that run on both the iOS and Android platforms, offering consumers new ways to share, discover, and play together in real-time.”

FunChat is available as a free download on the Apple App Store and the Google Android Market.