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GTX BLOG: Telling stories with SMS

GTX BLOG: Telling stories with SMS
Daniel Gumble


Development / November 19th 2012 at 2:30PM

Today’s GTX Blog entry looks at the ways in which SMS can be used to innovate language across the globe.

As part of its ongoing celebration of the 20th anniversary of the first ever SMS, the GTX Blog kicks off this week with a look at how SMS can be used to push the boundaries of story telling...

For as long as the SMS has been in the hands of a wider audience, it has inspired people to make innovative use of language. No wonder that it has also prompted writers around the world to tell stories within the rules, customs and limits of this 160-character message. In 2004, the Chinese author Qian Fuzhang left his habit of authoring huge volumes when he published ‘Out of the Fortress’, a story broken down in 60 chapters sent directly to subscribers’ phones. Inspiration perhaps for the Finnish author Hannu Luntiala, whose ‘Last Messages’, published in 2007, would gain fame as the world’s first SMS-based novel that ended up in printed book format. In Germany, two best-selling books have also been released following a very successful website that showcases a collection of funny, embarrassing and supposedly real SMS from anonymous senders.

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