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Four tips to create a rich mobile web experience in less than an hour

Cody Zimmer, DudaMobile
Mike Shaw


Development / September 12th 2012 at 12:58PM

Cody Zimmer, partner manager for DudaMobile, shares insider tricks and tips on how service providers can make the most of Duda’s mobile website builder.

When you’re building a mobile website for your client, think clean and simple.

Even if the desktop website is deep with dozens of pages and links, your goal on mobile should be to deliver this content in a way that’s easy to navigate. This starts with a simplified homepage designed with smartphone users in mind, but that doesn’t mean that you can ignore the internal pages of the mobile website.

Using the DudaMobile site builder, it’s quite possible to build a well-designed site in less than an hour, starting with the web-to-mobile conversion of the existing desktop website. From there, use Duda’s drag-and-drop widgets to easily customize every page of the mobile site. 


Tip 1: Think of the mobile homepage as a table of contents

The best mobile websites strip the clutter from their homepage and display easy-to-click navigation buttons that immediately tell the mobile user what they’ll find inside the mobile website.

Take Half Moon Bay Brewing Company, for example. Their mobile homepage gets to the point, putting large, clickable navigation buttons front-and-center. It’s easy on the eyes, gives mobile users a good first impression and makes it easy for them to find exactly what they need. We suggest deleting unnecessary homepage content using the inline editor, allowing the navigation to be the focus of the homepage; sizing the logo to make it pop; and adding a photo or image slider to enhance the visual appeal.

Approximate edit time on DudaMobile: 15 minutes.


Tip 2: Utilize call-to-action features throughout your site

Every agency needs to ask: Why are my client’s on-the-go customers visiting the mobile website?

It may be that they need the phone number or want directions to the businesses. Perhaps they want to make a reservation or give feedback on their experience. Duda’s call-to-action features such as click-to-call, mobile maps, contact forms and mobile restaurant reservations by OpenTable make it easy to incorporate mobile-friendly features that encourage interaction with mobile users.

These features should be easily accessible and used often!

Approximate edit time on DudaMobile: 10 minutes.


Tip 3: Focus on the most relevant content for your mobile visitors

Take a look at the desktop site analytics and pare down to the content that the site visitors access the most. Chances are, you don’t need to migrate everything to mobile. Does the mobile site really need the blog that’s only occasionally updated? Or all those photos in the gallery? Or that PDF that turns into a pesky downloading ordeal for smartphone users?

Talk with your client and put some thought into what the site needs and what it doesn’t, and take the time to simplify your internal mobile site pages.

Approximate edit time on DudaMobile: 20 minutes.


Tip 4: Make good use of design features to enhance the site’s look 

Some of Duda’s most flexible features are simple design elements that really add to the look and feel of the mobile website. Use the divider line to add a pop of color and separate different elements on the same page; organize and improve flow with the two-column feature; and consolidate photos with the image slider.

Approximate edit time on DudaMobile: 10 minutes.   


Cody Zimmer oversees the DudaMobile partner program, which currently supports more than 1,000 creative agencies and service providers that offer mobile websites to their clients.