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Augmented reality to become a lesson in thousands of schools

Augmented reality to become a lesson in thousands of schools
Zen Terrelonge


Development / AR / July 16th 2013 at 10:40AM

New educational Aurasma deal to build on 20,000 global clients and 6m monthly active users.

Augmented reality solutions provider Aurasma recently passed six million active monthly users and 20,000 clients since launching two years ago.

The customer base is up 17 per cent since the start of the year and usage is in more than 100 countries, with Dreamworks, GQ and Vanity Fair using the technology.

The AR firm has now secured a new educational deal with Stateside publisher Walsworth Yearbooks, which will integrate the technology into school lessons across the US.

Walsworth is one of the largest 50 publishers in America and will provide support students on how they can create AR content using the Aurasma Studio CMS.

Walsworth's commitment follows the launch of its Yearbook 3D AR app, which allows students to scan yearbook covers and event supplements with their mobiles to access videos and animations.

Lauren Offers, Aurasmsa’s head of global marketing, said: "Aurasma’s Partners in Education program was designed for partners like Walsworth to take advantage of Aurasma’s powerful platform and help educate the younger generation on emerging technologies like augmented reality.

"We’ve been impressed by Walsworth’s dedication and commitment to further empower young adults to embrace new technologies like Aurasma and push our platform to the next level."

Alex Blackwell, VP of marketing and communications, Walsworth, added: "In addition to being the front-line provider of assistance for potentially thousands of schools, Walsworth will be exposing this technology to tens of thousands of students."