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REPORT: Automotive advertisers top ten mobile spenders

REPORT: Automotive advertisers top ten mobile spenders
Phil Tottman


Brands / September 20th 2013 at 5:07PM

52 per cent of automotive advertisers’ top priority is brand awareness.

Overall mobile spend was led by retail, which grew 413 per cent year-on-year in Q2, moving up from fourth place in Q1.

This was followed by non-profit and charities which grew 299 per cent in the same period. Technology was just behind with 279 per cent ahead of government services, restaurants, consumer goods, and employment.

A popular form of mobile advertising is video, which was used in 17 per cent of campaigns on Millennial Media’s platform.

Application download was the most used method with 35 per cent and site search was second with 30 per cent.

Automotive advertisers have been the top ten mobile spenders for over two years, utilising the mobile ad platform with a base of mobile campaigns containing innovative new features.

Mobile has also changed the in-car experience with touch screen consoles, Bluetooth connectivity, and voice activated systems.

Obviously the top audience group who engage with automotive ads is in-market auto buyers, who are ahead of soccer fans, parents, expecting parents and single or dating individuals.

Car manufacturers spend 72 per cent more than dealerships, auto repair services and online car listings on mobile advertising.

For automotive post-click campaigns, site search is used 70 per cent of the time, with only one per cent using application download. However they use videos more in car ads than all other advertisers and store locator services are used in 32 per cent of car campaigns.

Automotive advertisers aren’t bothered about sustained in-market presence as much as other advertisers, but 52 per cent do aim to push for brand awareness above everything else.

Check out some of Millenial Media's charts below.


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