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Netbiscuits Analytics helps brands deliver the best mobile experience

Netbiscuits Analytics helps brands deliver the best mobile experience
Phil Tottman


Brands / October 18th 2013 at 5:00PM

The new dashboard delivers previously unavailable data such as device version, operating systems, bandwidth quality and battery levels.

Netbiscuits industry-first Analytics will help brands design faster and more adaptive mobile web experiences.

The new product will allow companies to analyse detailed device and contextual information of mobile visitors to their websites.

This information makes it easier for companies to deliver relevant web page content to each visitor depending on the data collected.

The key features are server and client side device detection and reporting capabilities, based on Netbiscuits device library. The library is a manually tested database of over 750 parametres covering 6,000 device profiles around the world.

The key data gathered includes exact screen sizes by manufacturer and model number, versioning of browser and device OS.

It will also collect battery status, bandwidth quality, HTML5 capabilities and video functionality.

Customer profiling enables companies to profile each customer so when they return a tailored service can be immediately offered.

Trend analysis delivers best results when used over time. Netbiscuits Analytics gives insight into how users of the mobile web are adopting new technology. This will help brands prepare for their future.

Daniel Weisbeck, CMO and COO of Netbiscuits, said: “The complexity and high fragmentation of the mobile web means that designing an effective mobile strategy requires much more information about the user accessing mobile websites than most companies today.”

This program combines a cloud-based development platform with industry-expert professional services making it the worlds first mobile web analytics solution focused on helping brands deliver the best mobile experience to customers.

Weisbeck continued: “The launch of the Netbiscuits Analytics product means the says of brands making decisions based on guesswork is gone. Every decision a brand makes can and should be underpinned by hard data, not anecdotes based on the latest device hype.”


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