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Global retail mobile marketing spend to hit $55bn annually by 2015

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Zen Terrelonge


Brands / January 23rd 2013 at 11:11AM

Nearly doubling the $28bn expected this year.

Retailers like HMV and Blockbuster are facing administration at present, and some believe the digital mobile era is to blame, inhibiting the need for consumers to enter physical stores.

That said, worldwide retailers are set to spend $28 billion on mobile marketing campaigns in 2013, according to Juniper Research, with the annual spend spiking to $55bn by 2015.

The analyst notes that in addition to smartphones, tablets have created new ways for brands to engage with consumers, while e-commerce, which started on desktops and laptops, is becoming increasingly more mobile-based.

Augmented reality, NFC, and coupons are highlighted as innovative platforms for retailers to integrate mobile in-store. Despite the figures and opportunities, however, Juniper warns that many companies still don't offer mobile websites, registration, or payments.

Dr Windsor Holden, report author, Juniper, said: "If retailers truly want to maximise the mobile monetisation opportunity, then optimisation is critical. If you are using mobile advertising for consumer acquisition, you need to push users to a site with which they can comfortably interact; retailers that fail to respond to consumer demand will fall behind."