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Children's mobile ad network opens as more kids get connected

Children's mobile ad network opens as more kids get connected
Phil Tottman


Brands / July 16th 2013 at 12:09PM

Existing online Discovery platform reaches eight million UK children per month.

Children's content discovery service SuperAwesome connects youngsters to games, films and beyond, with the business spanning advertising, swapping and research.

And speaking of the latter, recent company data found 55 per cent of UK kids aged between eight and 16 own a smartphone. Such widespread usage means there is growing controversy around the use of in-app purchasing and advertising on mobile and tablets for the younger audience.

That's why SuperAwesome is taking its online advertising acumen to the smaller screen by launching a new mobile ad network for kids, which is built for content creators that takes safety and sustainability in mind. 

Dylan Collins, CEO at SuperAwesome, said: "Not all content creators in the kids sector are conformable using in-app purchases as a revenue model on mobile and tablet. Our premium ad network will provide another monetisation tool which is appropriate and effective. 

"Ultimately, our philosophy is about creating a safe environment for kids with a sustainable model for brilliant, and inspiring content make them smile."

The number of children who own a smartphone or other connectable device is increasing drastically, with younger children being given access to their parents' devices. 

With the easy one-tap payment methods on lots of services on a smartphone, the apples of our eye have added a massive £30m to parents' phone bills with unauthorised app purchases.

Plus a mère 24 per cent of children's iPad apps provide a privacy policy, deeming a service such as the Kids Mobile Network a welcome 'play pen' for our little ones to safely indulge in whilst using a device.

SuperAwesome has more than 20 companies like Hasbro, Warner Bros, and Disney on its Kids Mobile Network generating millions on monthly impressions across browsers and iOS and Android apps. They are extremely selective with their clients, ensuring that the company's panel of parents carefully choose who would be appropriate and who wouldn't, enhancing the safety an security of its young users.

Just last week a baby bought a car from eBay via her dad's mobile. And if further evidence of child-based mobile use is required, augmented reality will soon be taught in schools.


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