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Boeing improves Wi-Fi connectivity with potatoes

Boeing improves Wi-Fi connectivity with potatoes
Daniel Gumble


Brands / December 21st 2012 at 11:11AM

US airspace invaded by 20,000 pounds of potatoes.

20,000 pounds’ worth of potatoes are currently journeying through US air space, as part of Boeing’s bid to improve in-flight Wi-Fi connectivity.

Boeing’s new process for measuring radio signal quality using in-house measurement technology and analysis tools is aimed cutting testing time to ten hours, whereas it previously took up to two weeks.

The company explained that a wireless signal inside an aeroplane will move around at random when passengers begin moving during the flight. Its new testing process is able to measure the strength of signal areas throughout the plane and balance them, whilst increasing safety and reliability.

"Every day we work to ensure that Boeing passengers are travelling on the safest and most advanced airplanes in the world," said Dennis O'Donoghue, vice president of Boeing Test & Evaluation. "This is a perfect example of how our innovations in safety can make the entire flying experience better."

However, the system required Boeing to find a stand-in  for real-life passengers, which ultimately resulted in the incorporation of several sacks of potatoes.

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