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Asda introduces free Wi-Fi to all stores as part of mobile overhaul

Daniel Gumble


Brands / November 7th 2012 at 4:57PM

Supermarket chain to revamp current apps and launch many more in run-up to Christmas.

With Christmas rapidly approaching, supermarket chain Asda is preparing to revamp its multichannel services and grow its mobile sales by introducing free Wi-Fi to all of its stores.

In addition to providing its shoppers with free Wi-Fi, Asda is also planning to update its existing mobile apps, as well as introduce a host of new ones over the coming weeks. The supermarket’s current in-store mobile services include a grocery app that comes with a barcode scanner and a mobile tool for its Asda Price Guarantee.

Stephen Smith, CMO, Asda, said: “Multichannel and click and collect are big, big additions for us this year - we’re pretty quiet about what we’re doing from a multichannel perspective, but we’re doing some great stuff. As click and collect and multichannel become more mature, and they are by the day, there is fantastic opportunities there … you only have to look at the astounding growth of mobile to see it’s the future.”

Asda is expecting a significant increase in its mobile and multichannel sales this Christmas. Half of all George clothing sales online are click and collect, while ten per cent of its clothing and general merchandise sales already come via mobile devices.

The supermarket's decision to ramp up its mobile services follows Sainsbury's trial run of an in-store shopping app, while Tesco recently launched a 'pay by app' virtual supermarket at Gatwick.

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