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Want higher CPMs? Get a bigger screen

Want higher CPMs? Get a bigger screen
Tim Green


Brands / Advertising / April 12th 2012 at 11:29AM

New stats from Velti show eCPMs for full screen ads can be seven times higher than for 468x60 banners.

Velti’s March Monthly Index has collated a bunch of metrics around mobile advertising and concluded that bigger is definitely more effective.

It says full screen ad units with rich media features command the highest eCPMs, and also that advertisers are willing to pay a premium to serve these types of engaging units to users.

On iPad, eCPMs for 468x60 banners were 0.18c against $1.32 for full screen ads.

Elsewhere, the report re-states the dominance of Apple – especially in the tablet space, where the new iPad is already outdoing its predecessor. Indeed, it states the iPad 2 captured 1.5 per cent of iPad impression volume while the iPad 3 has already captured 2.2 per cent of impression volume in the same amount of time.

Other key findings are:

* iOS dominates. Despite ending 2011 with 50 per cent of the market, iOS has continued to pull ahead in 2012 capturing 53 per cent in March
* Apple is the clear leader as an OEM: It had over 50 per cent of impressions volume; the next largest manufacturer was Samsung with 15 per cent
* Weather apps captured the highest eCPMs at $1.24 and education apps came in a close second at $1.17

Download the report here.