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Over 16 per cent of non-paying Gamforge users convert with SponsorPay

Over 16 per cent of non-paying Gamforge users convert with SponsorPay
Daniel Gumble


Brands / Advertising / January 29th 2013 at 4:18PM

Yearlong study shows rise in conversion rate of non-paying users to paying customers.

Value-exchange advertising specialist SponsorPay has today revealed that Gameforge, one of the firm’s key publisher partners, has experienced significant conversion rates utilising its offer-based monetisation platform.

A yearlong study conducted by Gameforge found that 16.4 per cent of non-paying users who completed at least one offer from SponsorPay converted to paying users within 12 months.

The study also showed that three per cent of the converted users purchased virtual currency or premium content more than 20 times during the same period.

"Value-exchange advertising has a powerful impact on our business and we anticipate that we’ll continue to see our conversion rates increase,” explained Andreas Schulze, Payment Product Director at Gameforge Productions.

“The industry is absolutely moving in this direction and our partnership with SponsorPay has positioned us perfectly to capitalise on the growing market opportunity.”

SponsorPay says that study’s findings showcase the value of its advertising technology, which is designed to allow users to sample virtual currency or premium content for free. The nature of the value-exchange format is aimed at ensuring that users make traditional, real-money payments, in addition to engaging with ads.

“We are eager to build on this recent success, and we see a tremendous opportunity to change the way advertisers and publishers alike think about advertising,” said Janis Zech, CRO and co-founder of SponsorPay.

“Driving engagement and conversion is key to our success, and value-exchange advertising continues to prove itself as one of the most powerful means of reaching audiences – particularly in gaming.”

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