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Orange beefs up Mobile Exposure ad metrics service

Orange beefs up Mobile Exposure ad metrics service
Tim Green


Brands / Advertising / July 21st 2011 at 12:22PM

Merges own analytics with the TGI database to return richer insights to brands and agencies.

Orange says the new fused Mobile Exposure data will 'allow marketers to plan, execute and measure mobile advertising campaigns better and utilise ad formats more accurately than ever before."

Advertisers and agencies can already access the Exposure data by contacting the Orange Advertising Network (Unanimis in the UK) and submitting a brief.

Orange Mobile Exposure gives advertisers insight into mobile media behaviours so they can know what type of content resonates with audiences by location, time of day and industry sector (automotive, fashion, beauty, electronics, computers, gaming, food and beverages, travel and leisure and insurance). 

Now they can enhance this mobile behavioural data by combining it with TGI surveys, which measure the the effectiveness print, TV, radio, outdoor, cinema and electronic media.

The fusion allows advertisers to drill down further for insight against specific brands (over 7,000), and other types of media.

Here's an example:

* 3 per cent of UK population own a BMW Car
* Of these 44 per cent are mobile media users  - (10 per cent greater usage than consumers of other comparable automotive brands)
* Mobile ad formats of most interest to this audience are: coupons (16 per cent), sales promotions (11 per cent), local information (11 per cent) and sponsored games (9 per cent)  
* As users of mobile media - this group also browses the internet more often from their PC (26 per cent), watches more TV (16 per cent) and goes to the cinema more often (15 per cent).

Luc Tran Thang, VP of advertising at Orange group, said: “Knowing customers is at the heart of our business and understanding consumer behaviour is at the core of an advertiser’s work. 

"By making this information available we are able to act as a supportive partner to the advertising industry and encourage growth in the mobile market. 

"This growth will mean more effective mobile advertising, which in turn is better for everyone – operators, advertisers and ultimately consumers who can reap the benefits of targeted promotions for those that want it.”

A new release of Orange Mobile Exposure research will be available in Q4 2011 with greater insight into mobile media habits, including insight into tablet usage.