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Celtra introduces Javascript API for AdCreator platform

Celtra introduces Javascript API for AdCreator platform
Daniel Gumble


Brands / Advertising / November 29th 2012 at 11:54AM

First version of new API set to enable developers to execute rich media ads more autonomously.

Mobile rich media advertising and analytics firm Celtra has released the inaugural version of its Javascript Creative API for its AdCreator advertising platform.

The new Javascript API is designed to allow developers and designers to execute rich media ads more autonomously and with greater efficiency.

Matevz Klanjsek, co-founder and chief product officer of Celtra, commented: “The Celtra Javascript API gives advertisers and agencies maximum creative flexibility. Although AdCreator has powerful out-of-the box capabilities, many of our clients want to develop unique creative executions to address specific marketing goals.  The Celtra Javascript API instantly puts the power of Celtra’s most popular functionality into the hands of our partners who want to be more hands-on in building compelling rich media mobile advertisements.”

Celtra’s Javascript API is aimed at simplifying the process of building unique ad experiences. By interacting with AdCreator components and actions directly from their code, designers and developers will be able to create custom ads. Meanwhile, the Javascript API enables advertisers to communicate with third party APIs to fetch content, such as product information or store locations. It will then display the content in components like photo galleries or maps.

Adam Soroca, chief product officer, Jumptap, said: “Celtra's Javascript API will be a strong resource for creating dynamic rich media campaigns. Jumptap's in-house design team has built some exceptional rich media units by leveraging Celtra, and we look forward to using this technology to take those ads to the next level.

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