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Advertising platform UTuneMe to connect broadcasters with consumers

Daniel Gumble


Brands / Advertising / November 26th 2012 at 5:21PM

Smartphone technology used to provide targetted audio advertising.

Finnish mobile technology firm Exaget has launched a new audio advertising platform in the form of UTuneMe, which replaces traditional audio advertising with smarter geo-targeted content.

Founded by a team who had previously worked together at Nokia, Exaget aims to enable broadcasters to connect with customers across the globe with personalised news, traffic, weather and deals based on location and customer demographic. And, with 835 million smartphone users around the world, smartphones are increasingly being used to provide greater context about our surrounding environment. Studies have shown that 61 per cent of smartphone users make local searches from a mobile device, and that mentioning a location in an ad or search result increases click-through rates by 200 per cent.

It is this ecosystem into which UTuneMe will seek to bring broadcasters and advertisers.  The platform will offer live geo and demographic-targetted content distribution, along with the ability to reach international markets via locally targetted advertising. Furthermore, a self-service platform for creating, uploading, and launching campaigns will also be provided, in addition to a data analytics toolbox to optimise campaigns and track results.

Shankar Meembat, CEO, Exaget, commented: “UTuneMe provides broadcasters with an incredible opportunity to increase their relevance to consumers and drive ROI for advertisers. Our technology is currently being piloted by some key broadcasters with a view to offering smart, targeted content in the near future.

“For too long, audio has been stuck in the past, while the smartphone revolution has happened around it,” he continued. “UTuneMe helps broadcasters make sense of this information to provide better and more relevant content. Soon, broadcasters will be delivering personalised content to their listeners, wherever they are in the world.”

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