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Twilio rolls out SMS function to UK platform

Twilio rolls out SMS function to UK platform
Zen Terrelonge


Apps / January 19th 2012 at 1:59PM

Developers now able to create apps with text messaging functions.

Twilio's cloud comms platform develops mobile and web apps that allow calls and messaging, which enables companies to avoid running bricks and mortar call centres.

The San Francison-based startup's intoduction of the Twilio SMS API to the UK will enable developers to produce apps that allow users to send and receive text messages via UK telephone numbers.

The firm will also be launching national numbers for Ireland, France, Austria, Denmark, France, Ireland and Poland, which will be available for purchase through the web interface as part of its promised European expansion.

Patrick Malatack, product manager at Twilio, said: "We based our UK expansion on customer demand and introducing the Twilio SMS is the next step in providing our UK partners with the best possible service.

"The number one request from developers in Europe has been the addition of Twilio SMS to the existing Twilio Voice availability. We are committed to driving the UK market forward and we expect the SMS API both to bring fresh possibilities for existing partners there and to establish new awareness and partner opportunities amongst developers.”

Twilio's first office outside of the US opened in the UK in October 2011 and the company has since received growth of over 375 per cent.