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Tapjoy introduces tools to improve player retention

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Zen Terrelonge


Apps / November 6th 2012 at 5:11PM

Allows developers to reward gamers that have returned to their title.

Mobile advertising and publishing firm, Tapjoy, has a service that works threefold, which means it needs to keep advertisers, developers and consumers happy.

Games can easily be deemed a fad, just look at Draw Something, but Tapjoy is introducing the Reconnect service that will allow developers to improve customer loyalty and retention.

When a user returns to the game after being absent for a period, the developers can offer free virtual rewards – like bonus levels – as an incentive to keep the gamers smiling, with the latter finding themselves redirected to the Tapjoy offerwall.

Chris Akhavan, VP and GM of partnerships & strategic operations at Tapjoy, said: "We’ve found that when you provide users with choice, it builds brand affinity and increases the likelihood of retaining users long-term.

"With Tapjoy Reconnect, we provide consumers with the choice to re-engage, while also providing a powerful tool to our partners to help boost retention in a less intrusive way."

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