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App Of The Day: Total Recoil

Total Recoil
Daniel Gumble


Apps / App Of The Day / November 20th 2012 at 1:15PM

Enjoy firing off big weapons and blowing things up? Then this arcade shooter could be the game for you.

Eiconic Games’ Total Recoil takes the arcade shooter format and cranks everything up to 11, as users set out to build up an arsenal of weapons to take on a host of bosses and challenges.

Starting as a lowly private, users progress through the game by working their way up the ranks by acquiring more advanced weapons and generally causing as much destruction as possible. By collecting coins along the way you can upgrade your arsenal, while there is also a raft of rewards to be unlocked as you progress through the games.

Multiple game modes are available, including ‘Operations’, ‘Rank Challenges’ and Endless Waves’. The latest version of the game (1.0.1.) also features improved Boot Camp tutorials, along with a more streamlined way to buy bucks.

Meanwhile, as it's Thanksgiving week, Total Recoil, which is usually priced at $2.59, can be downloaded for free on the iPhone and iPad from the App Store until Friday November 23rd.

You can watch the official trailer for the game in the video below.

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