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App Of The Day: INRIX Traffic

App Of The Day: INRIX Traffic
Zen Terrelonge


Apps / App Of The Day / October 27th 2011 at 10:55AM

Real-time traffic updates to prevent 46 hours of yearly road rage.

Traffic services provider INRIX has developed the app for Windows Phone 7.5 in conjunction with the recent release of the Mango OS.

INRIX's goal is to radically reduce the 46 hours a year that the average British driver is frozen in traffic.

The app uses real-time traffic information taken from over five billion data points such as in-built GPS units and commercial fleets.

It enables Windows Phone 7.5 users to utilise the Live Tiles feature and pre-program a personalised route such as a commute or school run into an INRIX tile. This will allow users to recall saved routes without the need to enter a postcode each time.

For those seeking to travel to a point of interest around the UK or Europe, INRIX is also part of search engine Bing's native search function. So users searching for Buckingham Palace for example will be able to check traffic reports around the destination.

Another feature used by INRIX in order to save time, money and fuel is predictive technology, which analyses common traffic-impacting factors including:

* Day of the week
* Season
* Local holidays
* Weather forecast
* Accidents
* Roadworks
* Events - school schedules, sports, concerts

Kevin Foreman, INRIX VP of mobile applications, said: "Nothing is more stressful than not knowing when you’ll arrive because you’re stuck in traffic.

"With our Windows Phone 7.5 release, we’re making it easier than ever for drivers to better plan their trips arriving on-time, stress free having known what to expect and places to avoid before they hit the road."

The INRIX app is available in all WinPho markets and it supports English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Hungarian and Dutch languages.

INRIX Traffic is free for users of Windows Phone 7.5.