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App of the Day: AirStreem

App of the Day: AirStreem
Tim Green


Apps / App Of The Day / April 20th 2012 at 12:18PM

Streaming 'warm' songs from the Mac to the iPhone – with a retro touch.

UK publisher Bappz is well known for its London tube app, and has now added this free music app to its growing range of products.

AirVinyl is pitched at music lovers of a certain vintage, boasting of a porting tech that converts MP3s with 'all the warmth of analogue harmonics' in an 'audio ambience originally intended by the artist'.

And the app wraps the whole user experience with a host of retro visual features.

Thus, you can choose your records from authentic teak 'crates' and a brushed steel AirVinyl record deck. Playlists are created and played in the AirVinyl 'cassette deck'.

Once the app has done its magic, it will stream an entire iTunes Music library from Mac to iPad or iPhone.

AirStreem is available now on iTunes.