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Swimming teacher accidentally sexts children

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Mike Shaw


Adult / October 3rd 2012 at 11:05AM

Embarrassing moment leads to 18 month suspended prison sentence.

A 24-year-old swimming coach from Birmingham, UK, mistakenly sent a lewd text message to everyone in his address book.

Thinking he was sending the message requesting "skin on skin" sex to his girlfriend, Craig Evans actually sent the text to everyone in his BlackBerry - including his students, many of whom are in their early teens.

In the UK, soliciting sex from minors is illegal, and Evans was arrested, charged and ultimately found guilty in court, receiving an 18 month jail sentence.

Fortunately for Evans, the presiding judge Lord Justice Elias accepted that the swimming teacher was just being a fat-fingered doofus, and not a seedy child sex pest, and suspended the sentence.

It's worth noting, had Evans had a less sympathetic judge, this could have very easily gone another way and plunged Evans in an entirely different kind of deep end.

Be careful out there, especially those of you with chubby digits.