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Sex workers taking payments with Square app

Sex workers taking payments with Square app
Daniel Gumble


Adult / April 16th 2013 at 5:24PM

Prostitutes in Silicon Valley using credit card reader to accept payments.

It stands to reason that most industries based in Silicon Valley are likely to be pretty savvy when it comes to technological innovation in the workplace, and the sex industry appears to be no exception, after CNN reported that sex workers in the Bay Area are using the Square app to accept payments.

According to the Huffington Post, sex workers in the region have been utilising the free Square app, which comes with a free credit card reader that plugs into your iPhone or iPad to take payment for their services.

The Square app is frequently used by small businesses to accept payments; something that those working in the sex industry consider themselves to be.

Speaking to CNN, one sex worker explained: "I file it under a different business name... As far as Square knows, it's a consulting business."

It has also been reported that prostitutes and other sex workers are increasingly advertising their business online via social media, such as Facebook.

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