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RIM promises new UK parental controls

RIM promises new UK parental controls
Tim Green


Adult / December 23rd 2011 at 12:27PM

Makes pledge after meeting regulator OFCOM.

OFCOM summoned RIM after it was reported that lapsed security controls on BlackBerrys meant minors could access adult material. This was because UK operators run an opt-out age verification system, which RIM's phones don't adhere to.

Now, according to Mobile magazine, RIM says it “plans to provide integrated parental control features in future versions of its BlackBerry 7 OS in order to allow parents to control various settings on their child's smartphone including the browser, text messaging and access to social networking sites.”

It also said its BlackBerry App World 3.1 store will offer content rating and filtering options for apps that are based on the recently announced CTIA App Content Classification and Ratings system.

A RIM spokesperson said: “As a provider to mobile operators, RIM fully supports its operator partners around the world in meeting obligations and commitments in this important area. Content filtering support is available to operators from RIM that enables the operator to perform the content filtering function for BlackBerry smartphones.”