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Privacy concerns raised over sexy Facebook pic-seeking iPhone app

Privacy concerns raised over sexy Facebook pic-seeking iPhone app
Daniel Gumble


Adult / November 6th 2012 at 12:25PM

Badabing searches for racy images of friends across the social network.

Anti-child porn activists and privacy advocates have voiced their outrage at Badabing, a new iPhone app that sifts through Facebook photos in an attempt to seek out naughty pics of friends and acquaintances.

The app works by searching for tagged photos and posted albums from up to five Facebook friends at a time, before returning a list of the pics, which can then be liked, bookmarked and shared.

Concern surrounding the issue of unsolicited photo use on Facebook has been rife of late. Just two weeks prior to the launch of Badabing, a Reddit user was publicly exposed for managing several shady forums, one of which was called R/Jailbait, whereby he and other users are alleged to have curated photographs of underage women. Furthermore, a study from the Internet Watch Foundation found that a large number of provocative photos posted by underage social network users are often re-purposed for adult websites.

However, Erick Barto, creator of Badabing, defended the app, stating: “This is a very touchy subject, of course. Anything that’s readily available on Facebook, that’s what we can search. Those privacy tools on Facebook should be used to control the content that you want to be private.”

In November 2011, Facebook launched an investigation into graphic images that had spread across news feeds, while earlier this year, the Subway food chain’s Facebook page was the victim of an Anime porn violation.

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