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Playboy magazine smothers itself in augmented reality

Playboy magazine smothers itself in augmented reality
Zen Terrelonge


Adult / February 5th 2013 at 4:17PM

Men's title teams with Layar for mobile marketing move to connect with readers 'in a manner they understand via a device they love'.

Times have changed somewhat since Playboy launched 50 years ago, and the men's magazine has teamed with AR specialist Layar to produce a virtual mobile campaign for readers based in the Netherlands.

The issue, which goes on sale today, invites readers to trigger special Playboy logos with the Layar mobile app, accessing an augmented reality portal where they can vote for Playmate of the Year 2012 and animate the three nominees.

What's more, users can also access photo slideshows of the nominees, access behind the scenes videos of photo shoots, as well as other content including movie and video game trailers.

Patrick Goldsteen, editor-in-chief for Playboy NL, said: "With Layar we virtually have an unlimited amount of possibilities to publish extra content. The cover would normally be static but since the cover now consists of a video, readers can see their favorite models move, talk and interact with them. This brings the experience really close to the readers.

"The majority of the Playboy readers are young adults within the age range of 18 to 30. They grew up in the digital age and their mobile device can almost be seen as their most precious asset. So we bring them extra content in a manner they understand on a device the love to use."