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MobJizz to launch wi-fi based traffic solution

MobJizz to launch wi-fi based traffic solution
Zen Terrelonge


Adult / March 12th 2012 at 2:28PM

Will also rollout sister platform AdJizz to boost mobile ad traffic.

MobJizz offers a service to the adult industry that enables clients to monetise users that access their site via mobile.

Now, the firm says its new solution will enable platform users to capitalise on wi-fi connected mobile users.

Alexandre Noirot-Cosson, CEO of MobJizz, says: "This new solution brings a method for affiliates to generate additional revenues via wi-fi traffic optimisation.

"Currently, mobile consumers are geo-located and traffic is sent to local partners with little regard to wi-fi and carrier audience. Since wi-fi can make up 60-70 per cent of the mobile audience, we wanted to develop a tool to help address the high percentage."

Additionally, MobJizz will introduce its AdJizz platform, a service that provides advertisers with mobile traffic. The rollout will begin start at the end of the month at The Phoenix Forum adult industry event, of which MobJizz is a sponsor.