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Mobile networks censor

Mobile networks censor
Zen Terrelonge


Adult / September 13th 2013 at 1:45PM

Campaign blocked from devices despite not featuring explicit content.

You may be aware that the UK government has been fighting to ban porn, with a protection bill introduced last year, and David Cameron recently sticking his beak into the debate.

Now, anti-censorship website has been, rather awkwardly, censored by mobile networks for using the filthy word 'sex'.

Campaign leader Jerry Barnett designed SexandCensorship to fight the government's restriction plans, and notes that the site has been banned even though it doesn't feature explicit material.

Barnett, said: "When I met Claire Perry MP (porn filter leader), I pointed out to her that the filtering on mobile networks already blocks far more than just ‘adult material,’ but she rejected this suggestion.

"Free expression has been under gradual attack in Britain for years: the fight back starts here [XBIZ EU conference]."