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Mobildo delivers personal pleasure and location technology

Mobildo delivers personal pleasure and location technology
Daniel Gumble


Adult / April 1st 2013 at 9:45AM

Smartphone cum dildo to revolutionise mobile sex industry.

For many years, the world’s most innovative and inspirational mobile thinkers have been seeking an ever-elusive solution to the challenge of combining the power of your personal dildo with your mobile phone.

There have been numerous attempts at cracking this issue over the past couple of decades, though none of them have borne much fruit.

Who could forget the doomed MiBrator project, which left 22 year-old Mary Bang of Connecticut deaf after the device’s vibrate function kicked in mid-phone call, reaching a devastating 920,000 vpm (vibrations per minute).

And, of course, there was national humiliation for Russian ballet performer Boris Sample, who’s DilPhone – another failed product that failed to exit beta testing – began ringing from inside his person during Russia’s longest running production The Football Factory.

However, a new entrepreneur operating under the moniker Bulbous Guzzler has arrived on the scene with a revolutionary new product that could indeed change the face of the industry.

The Mobildo features all the regular functionality of a smartphone along with a lightweight, foldaway and easy-wipe cylindrical plastic casing with which to sheath the device when the user is in an amorous state.

Featuring a 7.8-inch touchscreen, the smartphone element is aimed at remaining in keeping with the average size of the solid male penis. It also comes with a pre-loaded Mobildo app, which utilises location technology to inform others where, when and how you are using the device. Findings can then be shared via the usual social media platforms, so friends and family can compare usage and techniques.

Commenting on the Mobildo, Guzzler informed: “Why the fuck wouldn’t you buy one of these?”

The Mobildo is available from today at a RRP of €6,987 from all the usual retail outlets.

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